Marble Countertops

Every marble slab is a unique work of art, and we stock plenty of designs, colors, and veining patterns in our online showroom. Find your perfect stone today.
Marble is the height of sophistication. This stone is known for how it can brighten a room, and people love the artistic flair that it brings to their remodel.

Marble Care

Marble is one of the softer natural stones, as it is formed from limestone. Because it is softer and more porous than other options, it needs to be sealed and resealed regularly. It involves a bit more maintenance than, say, granite or quartzite, but for people who are drawn to its looks, the extra care is worth it.
Marble can hold its own against a certain degree of heat, but to stay on the safe side, we recommend placing a pad or trivet under hot items. As for scratches and etches, make sure to avoid spilling acidic substances, as they can encourage etching in your stone. And if you do experience a spill, clean it up as soon as you can.


As long as you keep up the sealing routine on your marble slab, it will remain pretty durable. It will be even more durable if you get it professionally installed because the pros know what they’re doing when it comes to placement.
Chips in marble are possible, especially along the edges—and this is more likely to happen with an amateur installation. But even if your marble does chip, it can be fixed by a professional.
Keeping up care on your marble countertop will help it last for as long as possible—up to a hundred years.


People love marble in their indoor kitchens. These slabs benefit bakers especially, as they stay cool no matter what—which is great for rolling out dough!
Marble can also work outdoors, as long as you don’t mind a rustic look. Many people allow their marble to age naturally in the elements, giving it a more weathered and aged appearance.

Your Choice of Marble

If you’re looking for something high class, then marble is the best choice. As long as you don’t mind putting in a little effort to keep your stone looking its best, marble can serve you for generations. To learn more, contact KC Cabinetry & Stone today.

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